Widow & Orphan Project

A recent report states that 41% of Russians said they lack money for food and clothes. Widows and single women living in poor villages outside the larger cities and orphans released from orphanages are at the highest poverty level. The Widow & Orphan Project was started near Moscow, Russia, to equip widows and orphans with work and life skills and to help them build a healthy lifestyle based on biblical principles. Those participating in our program can work on-site or from their homes. We have one widow lady who makes some of our Agape aprons in her home. She is helping to support herself, her daughter and her grandson. Another single lady caring for her sick mother is making hand-made jewelry. 

On these pages you will find items made to support our Widow & Orphan Project. In the future, we will add other items, such as pot holders, beach bags, and hand-painted coffee cups.  These products are mailed around the world from Russia at a reasonable cost.

Sewing Project

These beautiful red striped aprons were sewn by a widow living Russia.  Click LEARN MORE to find out how you can become "involved" in our project.

Jewelry_Project_farm2016 (20).JPG


We conduct jewelry making classes for women and children. One of our instructors has her own line of jewelry.  Visit AgapeArt.ru. Click LEARN MORE for more information and to see jewelry samples.


We also do craft projects with children or orphans graduated from orphanages. Click LEARN MORE to find out how you can become involved with orphans in Russia.