Sometimes I reflect back on my “pilgrimage years.” When I traveled, I often chose to stay at retreat centers because of their reasonable priced accommodations and contemplative atmosphere. I remember the last time I went on a private retreat. I traveled to a seminary on the coast of Spain just south of Barcelona. The staff knew only a smattering of English, but I managed to engage at meals with them and the students. My time was spent wandering through a nearby town, walking the beaches and reading the Bible. I was drawn to the book of Jonah. As I read, it occurred to me that in making this sojourn to Spain, I was running away from divine assignments. That ended my “spiritual respites,” at least for a time, but recently the urge to travel has bubbled to the surface and is threatening to come to a full-blown boil.

Browsing through my book collection a few days ago, “Travels that Can Transform Your Life” caught my attention. I have read this book twice. Scanning its highlighted pages, I shouted, “Yes, this is it!” For me, travel has always been a spiritual experience. There have been times when I am drawn to a certain place, but I have no logical reason for going there. This can be embarrassing with people ask me, “Why are you going there?” When I ask, “Lord, why am I here,” I don’t always get an immediate answer, but over time I come to understand His purpose.

The next time you are planning a trip or find yourself on an airplane or at place that takes you away from your daily routine, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you seeking in this place?

  • What are you missing while you are in this place?

  • How can this place or this trip bring about transformation in some aspect of your life?

If the “pot” doesn’t simmer down, I’ll send you at postcard from wherever I land!

See, I am going to send an angel in front of you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared (The Conquest of Canaan Promised: Exodus 23:20 NIV).