There was a two-week period recently when one thing after another blocked my path, stopping me from doing simple tasks, forcing me to take unnecessary, precious time away from assignments I had been given. Has this ever happened to you?

Every day it was a different problem. For example, one day the airlines changed my November flight, routing me from Louisville to Dallas to Seattle with no segment back to Portland. Crazy! One day Microsoft temporarily suspended my account.  Another time, I was locked out of a program because of an expired security certificate.

I was frustrated beyond words and I suspected my blood pressure was on the rise. I knew my attitude was not pleasing to God, so I went to Him in prayer and asked Him to help me. Then this image came into my mind. “These disturbances aren’t brick walls. Picture them as swinging doors and you will go right through.”

Do you remember the old-fashion swinging door going from the dining room into kitchen? Its hinges allowed a person to carry a stack of dishes or prepared food back and forth through the door, using a gentle shove with one’s body. No hands needed! That’s the image I saw as I asked God for His help.

Now each time a new interruption stops me in my tracks, I remember the swinging door and I tell myself, “You can get through this. It’s easy. Just push open the swinging door. Thank you, Lord.”

You may be thinking, “Sometimes God slams a door shut.” Yes, that’s true, but I suspect 99% of the time, a door appears to be shut because of our fear, barriers we set up in our own mind, or the adversary’s harassment.

The Spirit of Jesus says, “I see what you’ve done. Now see what I’ve done. I’ve opened a door before you that no one can slam shut” (Revelation 3:8 The Message).

Until the Lord makes it clear HE has shut the door, I’m coming through!