I have been trying to format a manuscript that I hope to publish one of these days. It has been a “hair-pulling” experience. In spite of following program instructions, margins wouldn’t line up according to specs needed to print a book. I know the experts would tell me there is a way to do this automatically, but since I didn't have the patience to sort through hundreds of YouTube tutorials, I ended up entering the chapter numbers and titles manually. Making sure I aligned each chapter title with the same spacing was a challenge. After two days, I was on chapter three of thirty-two chapters. Ready to throw in the towel, I accidently stumbled on a feature in Word that turned night into day. THE GRID!

Viewing my manuscript using the grid, I can see exactly where to place my chapter titles. I can see where the text fits within the margins and where it needs adjusting. Thank you, Lord!

Suddenly, I understood this is how our relationship with God works. His Word is The Grid. When we obey His Word, we stay within the grid lines. We have freedom to move anywhere within those grid lines. The grid is a safe place. Even when bad things happen, we can have assurance that we are in His “field.” When we fail to include Him in our plans and in our everyday life, we are in danger of falling off the grid. His grid is not a wire fence to keep us penned in. It is a secure foundation that lights the path underneath our feet.

Feeling out of alignment today? Take a look at The Grid.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:105).