Breakfast is my favorite meal, but I am getting ahead of my story.

In his book, The Pleasure of His Company, Dutch Sheets takes a look at Peter’s denial of Jesus and the events that followed after the Lord’s resurrection in a chapter called “The Look.”*

When nothing worked out the way Peter expected, he went back to the only thing he knew. Peter said, “I’m going fishing.” Imagine their increased confusion and dejection after he and the disciples spent a fruitless night fishing. Even what he knew wasn’t working any more.

Jesus was on the beach cooking breakfast. As they headed back to shore, Jesus shouted, “Did you catch anything?” (John 21:6). If you’ve read the story, you know their answer.

Sheets concludes, “When you’re grieving and confused, He [Jesus] wants to take you to breakfast, not expel you from the family.”

Wow! That is grace. We serve a gracious, merciful God. When I mess up or things don’t work the way I expect, I am tempted to fear the worst is going to happen.

Hmm... That works both ways. Have you invited anyone to breakfast lately?

*Dutch Sheets. The Pleasure of His Company, (Bloomington, MN, Bethany House Publishers, 2014).