We had a lot of thunder and lightning storms this past fall. Every time I heard a crashing noise, I said to myself, "God is moving furniture again." Then I wonder: Is He rearranging the universe? Is He hanging curtains of mercy over wounded war refugees? Is He stripping wallpaper off some nations and giving other nations a new coat of paint? Or is He going deeper, gutting walls and tearing down prejudices?

Sometimes the thunder crashes seemed close enough to strike my bedroom window. One night, hearing a sound louder than a gun shot, I woke from a sound sleep and shouted, "Jesus"! I wondered, "Is Jesus coming soon?" If so, I better scramble. What needs rearranging, cleaned up, or tossed out in my interior universe? Time to wake up from my slumber.

"For as the lightning flashes across the sky from east to west, so shall my coming be, when I, the Messiah, return" (Matthew 24:27, TLB).

"For when I return, you will know it beyond all doubt. it will be as evident as the lightning that flashes across the skies" (Luke 17:24, TLB).