Most of you know I love working with clay. After I discovered the artist’s studio here last fall, I started out strong with some definite ideas, but then the well dried up. Now what? One day at the studio, I panicked when I couldn’t decide on a next project. What will the other students think of me if I come up with something stupid? They are all doing professional work. I scrambled through art books looking for inspiration. Finding one “half-baked” idea, melding two different photographs, I started with a lump of clay but only got so far into the project.

Just as I was ready to quit, my instructor was at my side. With his nimble fingers, he shaped something here and there. When I saw where he was leading, it gave me my next step and eventually the project was completed.* I like to think this is a description of how the Holy Spirit guides us. He has a well that never runs dry (Isaiah 12:3). He knows what we need. It is important to note that just because we are stressed, the Holy Spirit doesn’t abandoned us. Sometimes we get the mistaken notion we must be in perfect faith before God will help us. What a merciful God we serve! He meets us at our level, but as the saying goes, “He doesn’t leave us there.”

*For those of you who might be curious, the project was a scene of a young woman peeking through a door slightly ajar. It’s entitled, “Before You Is an Open Door” (Rev. 3:8). Once it is fired, I’ll display it on my new website. The website isn’t finished yet, but you are welcome to take a peek. The door is open. Go to www.slovabooks.com.