This morning I looked in a kitchen drawer to get a rubber band. I noticed the container holding the bands was almost empty. Time to fill it up again…but on second thought, maybe not. Later in the day, I listened to a woman’s testimony, how she had a vision of her marriage which wasn’t going well. She saw her wrist and her husband’s wrist inside a rubber band and she was forcing it to stretch until it was ready to snap. She heard the Holy Spirit say, “Cut it.” From this vision, she understood she was putting undo pressure on the relationship, wanting her husband to do and behave as she wanted. She came to understand that as long as she held that rubber band stretched to the max, she was tying God’s hands to work in her husband’s life and in her life.

After listening to her testimony, I wondered about the missing rubber bands in my kitchen drawer. Where did they go? Metaphorically speaking, have I been using them to stretch things to my own advantage?

Now, every time I reach for a new rubber band, it will be a reminder for me to be thankful for the relationships God has given me, knowing Jesus is Lord in my life and in theirs.