No, I haven’t lost my “marbles.”  I know this is July, not December, but let me ask you a question. Is there anyone reading this post who still has Christmas decorations “hanging” around? I keep my Christmas decorations packed away in a trunk, one of those old fashion trunks with brass corners and locks—like I used to have when I was a child. Oh! Except one year a string of lights cascading across my kitchen window took up permanent residence. 

I had a perfectly good excuse for not taking down the lights, but first let me say that I don’t “do” a live Christmas tree anymore. I’m done with dried up pine needles in my hair and getting down on my hands and knees trying to pick tiny twigs out of the carpet. Besides, hauling a tree down 11 flights of stairs or pushing it out my 11th story window would not be a good idea. But I digress…

Several years ago my precious, young, petite friend, who shares Jesus with everyone she meets, jumped up on my kitchen counter like a playful kitten and hung a string of colorful lights. Then a short time later, she moved 5,000 miles away to southern Siberia! Help! What to do? Since I am not endowed with an agile frame like hers, the lights were left hanging. As summer approached, I thought, “Oh well, only six months to go until next Christmas.”

So what’s the fuss over “left behind” Christmas decorations? I know it has little or nothing to do with why I celebrate Christmas. Or does it? Jesus, Son of David, promised Redeemer of God’s people, came to earth in human form. A glorious host of angels announced His birth “and He grew in wisdom and stature.” He performed signs and miracles, announcing the “Kingdom of God” was at hand. Just as hopes were rising that He might be the long awaited Messiah, who would save the Jewish people from foreign oppression, Jesus was crucified… end of story. No, there’s more!! Three days later He arose from the dead, not a corpse come back to life, but a resurrected, glorified, living body. And there’s more.

Someday all things will be made new and those who believe and trust in Him will live with God forever (2 Peter 3:13). Hallelujah!

For me, "left behind" Christmas decorations are a reminder that God’s story—thus, our story—is not over yet. I don’t pretend to know if that means there is one more chapter in human history or 10,000 chapters. I do know this -- I won’t feel guilty anymore about my lingering Christmas decorations. Hmm…Maybe next year I should offer a prize to the person who leaves up his or her Christmas decorations the longest!