You've been working on a piece of writing or a project but you feel blocked, you work until you are tired, then you go to bed. Two minutes after your head hits the pillow, a thought comes into your head about how to phrase a sentence or a scene or how to customize your project. What do you do? You know you have to get up and capture the thought on paper, because by tomorrow it will be "gone." 

Or maybe you've been searching and searching for something. Then, as your body hits the mattress a light goes on inside your head and you think you remember leaving your precious item in the basement (or in the garage) near the washing machine. Knowing you'll stay awake until you confirm your suspicion, you trudge down the stairs to take a look.

I am not talking about memory loss here. I am talking about those marvelous flashes of golden insight or spurts of knowledge that seem to come out of nowhere, those midnight nuggets that would be easy to ignore, because they require action on my part. I have a choice. Will I moan and complain at the thought of getting out of bed or will I thank God for the gift He has just given me?

Actually, I am getting excited. What will God reveal next? Have you ever had God reveal something to you in the night hours?

Those who find wisdom are fortunate; they will be blessed when they gain understanding (Proverbs 3:13 ERV).