When I chose this scripture for my blog post a few weeks ago, I saw words I’d never noticed before. 

"(God) brought them to Adam to see what he (Adam) would call them… ” (Gen. 2:19, NLT – emphasis mine). 

There it is in black and white— right in the second chapter of the Bible—God gave Adam, and us, free will, the ability to make decisions! Whatever Adam called every living creature, that was its name.

In wanting to be a faithful follower of Jesus, I have sometimes been caught in a trap, thinking I had to get God’s okay on every move I made. Carried to the extreme, this means I would have to ask God what brand of peanut butter I should buy or what dress to wear. You laugh, but I know this happens, not just to me but to other well-meaning believers, too. 

Wow! This verse in Genesis tells me that I can “Relax!”