When was the last time you were motivated to take action?  What prompted you? I am not thinking about getting out of bed in the morning (although in some situations that may feel like a significant undertaking). I am referring to new behaviors, something that takes you out of your comfort zone or normal routine, or something that has been on your procrastination pile and then one day you suddenly burst into action. 

Some people are motivated by something or someone that inspires them, something new, an adventure, a longing or restlessness that pulls them forward, a sense of alignment within themselves and with God as they deliberate a course of action, an invitation that may require a step of faith or obedience, a movement toward something or someone.

I’d venture to say that for many people the prompt comes from a perceived negative impact of some kind, resulting in a movement away from something or someone: a crisis, a sense of futility or frustration, a trapped feeling, or an intolerable or painful situation. Somewhere I read that pain forces us to take the next step. I’d never thought of pain as a motivator, but it is true. A pain can cause us to reach for the aspirin bottle or make an appointment to see a doctor. 

Personally, I am a “glass half full” (not half empty) kind of person. I’d rather move toward something than away from something, but life being what it is, the choices aren’t always that simple. 

Lord, in all circumstances, may we seek You with all of our hearts, leaning not to our own understanding, but trusting fully in You.