“So He led His chosen people out, and they sang and shouted for joy. He gave them the lands of other peoples and let them take over their fields” (Ps. 105:43-44 GNT).

It seems to me that we often talk about our inheritance in Christ, the inheritance that is to come, but less often acknowledge the inheritance we have already received from God through others that have gone before us (for example, the foundation of our faith laid by the apostles and prophets - Ephesians 2:20).*

On a personal level, who or what has been a significant factor in your life because of foundations already laid? A parent, teacher, or role model? A scripture, a book that you’ve read, a prophetic word?  A ministry or business started by others?  How has this person or entity influenced where you find yourself today?

It is humbling to recall the great number of people, who by their example and faith, words of exhortation or encouragement, their prayers, the sharing of their resources, and through countless other ways have helped to shape my life.  I won’t list them here because it would take pages and pages and I don’t want to risk leaving someone out. They represent that part of an inheritance God has already given me.

And I count each one of you among that number!


*I don't mean to diminish our inheritance in Christ; rather to point out that we can become so future oriented, we tend to forget what God has already done.