“Do you not know that . . . you are not your own?”  —1 Corinthians 6:19

I have been pondering these words for many months. What does it mean, “You are not your own” when it comes down to the “brass tacks” of living our day to day life?  Oswald Chambers said there is no such thing as a private life, but in our western society it is all about "my right to chose" and the "American Dream." *  Our western mindset can’t fathom a life without “independence.”  Even in Christian circles, “the American dream” has been dressed up as “fulfilling your destiny.”

In contrast, the Apostle Paul wrote about being a “bondslave” of Christ (Rom. 1:1). It is difficult for me to wrap my mind around the word “bondslave.”  However, if I think of being set free from some deadly fate (sin), then I can throw myself totally at the mercy of the One who saved me, Jesus Christ… but there is more. Life in Christ does not stop here.

Despite my good intentions, throwing myself at His mrercy and pledging my love, loyalty, and service is not enough, because it is still “my” love, loyalty, and service.  To abandon myself into the arms of Love is to let HIS love, loyalty and service flow through me out to others. 

Sadly, I am not there yet.  Sanctification is a moment by moment, life-long process.  Yet I can rejoice in the freedom that comes in not being free to have my own selfish way.  There is great comfort in knowing Jesus is able to save me from myself as I rest in His love and acknowledge that “I am not my own.”

*Utmost for His Highest, Nov. 1, 2008