An "Excedrin" Headache

Dear Friends,

I have “another” confession.  I use to hate goals and sometimes still do!  In my mind, goals were like the law of the Old Testament – I could never measure up 100%. They reminded me of my proverbial lack of discipline, bringing condemnation and discouragement.  Goals injured my pride.  “What do you mean I have to set a goal?  You think I am not responsible enough to do this on my own?”  In short, goals gave me one big “Excedrin" headache.

Could it be that I was setting goals for the wrong reasons?

Wrong reason #1:  Making goals out of "self-imposed" obligation.  For example, I will read every email that comes into my “inbox.”  Who wrote that commandment?!!

Wrong reason #2:  Goals for the sake of goals. The work place is especially notorious for goal setting.  When I worked for an electronics company years ago, we had “department re-structuring” along with “goal setting” meetings about every 4 months.  The value of it all escaped me.  I felt like a fish out of water.

Wrong reason #3:  Making goals in areas you don’t care about.  I’ve already alluded to this self-defeating behavior.  It’s a cousin to “making goals out of obligation.”  We commit to a goal, knowing deep down we won’t keep it.  For example, you agree to join a new social network (you already belong to three of them) which entails a significant learning curve…you succumb to peer pressure.

Wrong reason #4: Setting too large of a goal. With personal goals, it is easy to fall into this trap. We make a goal like exercising 6 times a week, setting ourselves up for failure, instead of taking small incremental steps that lead to a lasting lifestyle change and that build confidence.

Wrong reason #5: Making goals to please others.  This is related to reasons #1 and #3. Possible form of manipulation - don't do it!

Wrong reason #6: Add your own…

Maybe I have been making the wrong goals!  When I think about what the scriptures say about goals, one passage in particular comes to mind.  The apostle Paul said, “Make love your aim”...because without love... “I am nothing” (Refer to 1 Cor. 13 and 14).

Although making love your aim won’t guarantee you will be “headache free,” it’s a good prescription for life and a goal worth pursuing!

Love you much!