Living in a Fog

This week I received an email from a friend:

“I'm sitting at home beside our little Christmas tree early this morning, having a quiet moment before the rest of the household awakes. I'll be off to work shortly. We're having a cold spell with temperatures below freezing, but no snow. There is an inversion with the cold air hugging the river valley. It's been going on for a number of days. We have fog in the morning and by afternoon lots of blue skies. Yesterday the clouds never lifted and they remain with us this morning.

This weather reminds me about faith in God. I can be immersed in what is happening in my life, in problems and conflicts and simply lots and lots to do -- and not able (forgetting to look) to see God at work. But He is there just as assuredly as there is blue sky above the hugging fog. God's light will most assuredly break through the darkness and into my life / our lives. I love these images that God gives to help me understand in many different ways about His love for me, for you, for his people, for all. So today I give thanks to our Lord, my heavenly Father, for the sunshine (“Son” shine) that He provides for me, even when I'm lost in the clouds and fog.” (Mary P.)

Oh yes, what Mary says is so true! It is so easy to get "lost in the fog of problems and busyness"! I think of all the biblical events recorded, the birth of Christ, especially, calls me to a quiet place.  Reflecting on Christ’s birth has a way of quieting my soul and restoring my focus on "things above." The question is “Am I willing, are you willing, to take the time to come into His presence during this Christmas season”? 


God bless you and Merry Christmas!