Heaven on Earth...Is it possible?

You may wonder why I named this blog “Heaven on Earth.” You may be thinking, “She’s been slurping that Russian vodka again. Hasn't she been watching the world news on TV, unemployment rates, and everything else going wrong on this planet?” 

In biblical times, people were looking for a literal kingdom and salvation from oppressive Roman rule.  Today, some argue that the “Kingdom of God” was fully manifest in the teaching and actions of Jesus; others say the "Kingdom" will not be realized until a future time. Still others believe it is both a present reality and a future happening.

My aim is not to defend a theological position but to ask the questions:  Heaven on Earth, is it possible? Do you see any evidence of it today? Do you see evidence of it in your life now? 

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is in the midst of you” (Luke 17:21 - RSV).  What did he mean?