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Sulfia lives in a remote part of Russia. She and her husband are cultural Muslims and they have two children. Sulfia is a stay-at-home mom. She used to work as a florist but lost her job after giving birth to her daughter. She is very talented and works well with her hands, helping to support her family. The economic situation gets worse in remote areas of Russia every year with increased poverty and rising unemployment rates.

Sulfia knits shawls, scarves, mittens, gloves, hats, and jackets. The scarves featured on this page are fashioned from lamb’s wool. Her scarves come in various sizes and priced accordingly and she will make other items to order.  For more information, leave a message on the CONTACT form. As we reach out to people like Sulfia with God’s Love, hearts are changed!

Sulfia and her two children

Sulfia and her two children

#TX-Sulfia 170001 Shawl 80x80x110 cm

donation: $50 USD

PLACEMAT SETS by Ludmila. Visit for more information.

OTHER "Unique" ITEMS...The fur used to make these REINDEER DOLLS is 100% from reindeers grown on the Tundra in northern Russia. You won't find these reindeer dolls in souvenir shops!

#Tx 180001 Reindeer - Made in Russia

Donation: $25

#TX 180002 Reindeer Boy Doll - Made in Russia

Donation $25

#TX 180003 Reindeer Girl Doll - Made in Russia

Donation $25

#TX 180004 Agape Tote Bag

Donation: $25 USD


#tx 170020 aGAPE cAP (RED OR BLUE)

dONATION: $20 usd


#tx 170021 aGAPE t-sHIRT (RED)

dONATION: $20 usd


#tx 170022 FAMILY dAY T-sHIRT

dONATION: $20 usd


Family Day T-Shirt image close-up