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Nearly three years ago, I became fascinated with the idea of writing a memoir, not a full auto-biography but a few slices of life that prepared me for an adventure in Russia. Now Hiding in the Bulrushes: A Personal Exodus from Fear to Shouts of Joy is available on Amazon.com and other book outlets.

Writing Bulrushes also presented a problem because my mind became flooded with memories that I haven't thought about in decades. How do I sort through them all and decide what to keep and what o shove back into the recesses of my mind--or how do I deal with them in some other way? Thank goodness for BLOGS!

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Authors & Artists

Every fall, I travel to the U.S. to visit family and friends. After returning to Moscow several years ago, finding an artist’s studio topped my wish list. Surfing the Internet, I found an artist’s studio located in the center of Moscow. I called and made an appointment to visit the artist.

With map in hand, I took the underground metro to the center of the city. When I got to Petrovka Street, I couldn’t find Bldg. #26. Spotting a gate leading to a courtyard between Bldg. #25 and Bldg. #27, I decided to investigate, thinking the studio might be tucked away behind one of the buildings. I slipped through the open gate.

To my total delight, an outdoor sculpture garden loomed in front of me, bigger than life. I gazed in awe at the oversized sculptures of a famous Russian poet, artists gathering around a paint easel, and an electrifying sculpture of a door to an execution chamber.

You can read more about this adventure in my book, Hiding in the Bulrushes: A Personal Exodus from Fear to Shouts of Joy.